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about the program-basic 1 year course

fashion design portfolio coaching classes International- Course Structure 

Module 1: Introduction to Fashion Design Portfolios

  • Understanding the purpose and importance of a fashion design portfolio

  • Overview of different types of portfolios

  • Tips for organizing and presenting a portfolio

  • Research & Analysis

Module 2: Drawing and Illustration Techniques

  • Techniques for drawing figures and clothing

  • Understanding anatomy and proportions

  • Exploring different styles and approaches to illustration

Module 3: Advanced illustrations

  • Stylized croquis

  • Rendering of fancy fabric

  • Design process-based project

Module 4: Graphic Design Software

  • Introduction to graphic design software tools and interface

  • Learning graphic design principles and techniques

  • Creating digital illustrations and designs for portfolio presentation

  • Presentation Skills

Module 5-Material Exploration-

  • Introduction to mediums

  • Mixed media art

  • final product


Module 6: Design Process and Concept Development

  • Overview of the fashion design process

  • Inspiration building.

  • Techniques for generating and refining design concepts

  • Developing a cohesive and unique design aesthetic

  • Final project


Module 7:Theory of Fashion

  • Fashion terminologies

  • Crafts of India

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