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about the program
Advanced 2 year Course

fashion design portfolio coaching classes International- Course Structure 

Module 1:Theory of Fashion

  • Indian fashion

  • Indian Crafts

  • World fashion


Module 2: Textile and Fabric Studies

  • Types of fabrics and their properties

  • Understanding textile patterns and prints

  • Fabric Dying

  • fabric painting

  • creative textiles

  • Hands-on experience in fabric manipulation techniques

Module 3: Graphic design advanced software

  • Photoshop

  • Sketch/ Ibis


Module 4: Fabric and Material Selection

  • Understanding different types of fabrics and materials

  • Techniques for incorporating fabrics into the design

  • Considerations for fabric selection based on the design concept and function

Module 5 : Advanced Design Process

Design process

Inspiration building

collection planning

garment making

Portfolio compilation


Module 6: Technical Skills

  • Understanding garment construction and sewing techniques

  • Developing technical sketches and flats

  • Creating mock-ups and prototypes


Module 7: Portfolio Presentation

  • Tips for presenting a professional and polished portfolio

  • Preparing for an interview or presentation

  • Resume design

  • Understanding the expectations of different fashion design programs

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